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Our Weekly Tip: Carry Your Loved One With You As Memorial Jewelry

Custom jewelry featuring remains of loved ones keeps the memories close

Our Tip of the Week: One of the great benefits of cremation is that you can carry the memory of your loved one — a person or pet — with you in a very tangible way. Memorial jewelry, popular in the Victorian … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Create Beads from Memorial Flowers

Turn memorial flowers into beautiful beads and jewelry as a way to remember and cherish your loved one

Our Tip of the Week: Flowers are a thoughtful and traditional way to cherish lost loved ones and grieve their departures. Floral arrangements have long been a way for guests at a memorial service to pay their respects and offer … Continue reading

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Remains Close to the Heart

Amanda Straka's bespoke memorial jewelry holds ashes in a sweet place

Moving through the process of mourning the death of someone you love is a complicated path. Through time, the sharp intensity of loss softens a bit. The deeply transformative throes of grief ebb and flow as we come to terms … Continue reading

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Memorial Jewelry Helps You Stay Connected While You Grieve

Designer Scosha Woolridge Adds this Touching Custom Piece to Her Collection

Scosha Woolridge is a Williamsburg, New York City – based artist, designer, and jeweler. She considers herself to be a “story jeweler”, drawing her primary inspiration from her travels to create jewelry that combines the modern and ancient worlds. She … Continue reading

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