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What Good Comes from Death?

Alexander Alexandrovich Blok shares his own take on the silver lining that comes with death in his poem “Don’t Fear Death”

If you’ve ever experienced the grief of having lost a loved one after weeks, months or even years of suffering, chances are that you are no stranger to the commonly spoken phrase “at least they are no longer suffering.” While … Continue reading

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Memorial Music: “The Show Must Go On” by Queen

A powerful song about strength in the face of death

Queen’s incredible power-ballad, “The Show Must Go On”, radiates the unadulterated strength that bubbles to the surface when one faces a death-sentence in the form of terminal illness. The song itself was released in 1991, just one month before the untimely AIDs-related death … Continue reading

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What is End-of-Life Planning? An Interview with Sally Shannon

No Time Like the Present: Get your Affairs in Order Today!

Dedicated to helping people prepare for end of life, Sally Shannon is an uplifting life coach, organizer, and home funeral guide. She is a member of the San Francisco Home Funerals Alliance, with a focus on preplanning. Aurora: What does … Continue reading

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Dying is Not Always a Sad Process

My grandmother's glorious last hurrah

We think of dying as something sad — a path paved only with despair. But my grandmother Ida taught me otherwise. One day, at age 81, she awoke with difficulty swallowing. My mother took her to the doctor, who fed a … Continue reading

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