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Book Review: “It’s OK to Die” by Monica Williams-Murphy and Kristian Murphy

Making difficult decisions about end of life care

“It’s OK to Die” was written by Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, an emergency room physician, and her husband, Kristian Murphy. Dr. Williams-Murphy writes about how difficult it is to treat critically ill people who do not have advance directives. If the … Continue reading

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How Can I Use Estate Planning to Protect My Family and My Assets?

An interview with estate planning attorney Stacy Turner, Esq., Part One

Today SevenPonds speaks with Stacy Turner, Esq., an attorney in San Rafael, California who specializes in estate planning, particularly as it relates to minor and special needs children. Stacy also works with clients to help them plan for their long-term care … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Use the Right Tools to Document Your Wishes About End-of-Life Care

It's important to understand the difference between an Advance Directive and a Living Will

Our Tip of the Week: Today, more and more people understand the importance of documenting their wishes about how they want to be cared for as they approach the end of their lives. Yet, thanks in large part to the confusing … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendars: National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16th

A nationwide initiative to help Americans plan for serious illness and end-of-life care

Saturday, April 16, 2016, is National Healthcare Decisions Day, a nationwide initiative to educate and empower the American public to make and communicate decisions about their future healthcare needs. Marked by events at healthcare facilities and public venues across the … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Stop Estate Planning Procrastination Before It Starts

Fear and procrastination go hand-in-hand; learn how to prevent both

Our Tip of the Week: If you’re prone to procrastinating on projects, especially ones that don’t seem urgent, it can make a simple task take months or even years longer than it should. When you want to draft your own living will … Continue reading

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What Happens When You Die Alone in New York?

Investigators unravel the mystery of George Bell's life

You might be surprised to hear that dying alone isn’t an entirely uncommon event in New York City. Its dense population attracts socialites as much as it does those who want to be left alone in complete anonymity, becoming just … Continue reading

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