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“If” by Bread

A memorial song with a romantic view of the end of life

It’s often difficult to put into words how much you care for someone important in your life. Many of us squander the small opportunities we get every day to express our gratitude and love for the people around us. And … Continue reading

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Film Review: Up (2009)

How Pixar makes a floating house lead to a healing journey in one of the greatest animated love stories

Pixar is that magical Emeryville-based animation company that can do no wrong (except, perhaps, for the Cars franchise; otherwise, their output is perfection). In 2009, Pixar released what may be its magnum opus to date: UP. It’s a fun, entertaining romp … Continue reading

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“But You Didn’t” by Merrill Glass

Merrill Glass’s poem about losing her lover to war reminds us the importance of openly sharing your feelings for the one you love when you’re together, because the future can be so uncertain.

The death of a lover is difficult regardless of whether it is expected, as is the case with long-term illnesses, or if it is sudden, as is the case with a car crash or a major heart attack. The uncertainty … Continue reading

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Widows Reflect on Aging and Dying

Helen Nearing and Joan Didion Offer Us Their Thoughts

I was recently rummaging through an old bookstore when I stumbled on a copy of the book Light on Aging and Dying, by Helen Nearing, written when she was a widow. I was familiar with Helen and her husband Scott’s … Continue reading

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California Nurses’ Strike and the Loss of Judith Ming

Medical error by replacement nurse causes tragic death of Oakland woman

Last weekend, ovarian cancer patient Judith Ming, 66, died as a result of a tragic hospital error at Oakland’s Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. While medical errors are not uncommon, Ming’s death has drawn widespread attention because of its unusual … Continue reading

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What’s a Center for Grief? An interview with Cindy Ainsworth and Stephanie Demos

Directors at Kara grief center discuss their support programs and the "healing door"

Kara (the gothic root for “care”) is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization and renowned grief center, providing powerful, free grief support services to the San Francisco Bay Area from their Palo Alto home since 1976.  Truly, the breadth, success, and compassion … Continue reading

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