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Film Review: Après Lui (2007) by Gaël Morel

This beautiful French film realistically captures the raw emotions and complicated grief of a mother whose only son dies suddenly in a car crash and follows how she tries to cope with his absence

Après Lui opens with two male best friends goofing around by dressing up in one of the men’s mothers’ clothes and dancing around to music. They invite the one friend’s mother, Camille (played by the amazing Catherine Deneuve) to come … Continue reading

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Film Review: Imaginary Heroes (2004) by Dan Harris

When a family's son commits suicide, they learn to live with his loss -- and with each other

“Imaginary Heroes” is director Dan Harris’s 2004 film about a family’s struggle to cope with the suicide of its youngest son. Each of the film’s characters brings a very real, complicated response to the table: there’s the mother Sandy (played … Continue reading

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“Spikes” by Michael Chabon

Michael Chabon’s “Spikes” offers readers a perspective into how a person can unexpectedly learn to cope with the grief of losing a child

The process of grieving is a healing pain that can revitalize the spirit, just as much as it can signal the end of something or someone that we are beholden by. This is the main lesson for the short story … Continue reading

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 Book Review: Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story by Carol Burnett

A mother’s touching tribute to her daughter who had so much life left in her when it was unexpectedly cut short by cancer

Many people think of Carol Burnett as a lively and beloved comedian and entertainer best known for her long-running variety show, “The Carol Burnett Show.” Few, however, know the intimate and intricate bond that she shared with her firstborn daughter, … Continue reading

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How Can We Plan A Memorial Service? An Interview with Rabbi Sara Shendelman

Rabbi Sara Shendelman discusses the services she offers for people planning a memorial service for a loved one

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Rabbi Sara Shendelman, a rabbi and cantor as well as a former ordained minister. Currently based in Berkeley, California, she officiates all types of weddings and conducts memorial services, both interfaith and Jewish, for individual families. … Continue reading

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“Baby Mine” by Bette Midler

A beautiful funeral song about grieving for the loss of a child

Losing a child is undoubtedly a tragedy and the toughest event a parent could ever face. No parent ever dreams of outliving their child, and yet, it is an unfortunate circumstance that happens all too often. For those who lose … Continue reading

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