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Song About Loss: “Ordinary World,” by Duran Duran

Duran Duran's hit single details the intricate grieving process

Duran Duran’s 1993 single “Ordinary World” is an homage to loved ones who have died. The song serves as a remembrance of foregone times, and details the occasional yearning for those times that everyone experiences when dealing with the death … Continue reading

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Monday Hearts for Madalene

Page Hodel creates beautiful hearts as a tribute to lasting love

It’s an honor for SevenPonds to share with our readers the story of the Monday Hearts for Madalene project, a true account of the power of love in the midst of death.The project’s origins take us to 2005: the moment … Continue reading

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Sharing Grief During the Holidays

A pastor in Wisconsin held a special service to acknowledge parishioners' grief

The holidays come with a host of expectations. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of these is the feeling that we must put a smile on our faces no matter how we feel. This “forced cheer” can be difficult for anyone under … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Hold a Beachside Memorial for Your Loved One

Gather friends and family to honor your loved one as the tide comes in

Our Tip of the Week:  Nothing captures the ephemeral nature of life more fully than the ebb and flow of the tide. Each day, the ocean rises to meet the land, drawn by unseen, inexorable forces we don’t fully understand. Later, just … Continue reading

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Altars of Loneliness: The Art of Joseph Cornell

Groundbreaking American artist expresses disenfranchised grief through surrealist assemblage

Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) is widely known as an American artist whose work influenced key developments in the contemporary art world, such as the Fluxus movement and the rise of installation art. His favored techniques of collage and assemblage using common, found … Continue reading

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“Dad just died…I think. Now what?”

Changes and actions that occur after the moment of death

Join SevenPonds each month as Tani Bahti, RN, CT, CHPN, offers practical on-hand guidance to demystify the dying process. As an RN since 1976, Tani has been working to empower families and healthcare professionals to have the best end-of-life experience possible both through education and the … Continue reading

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