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What Kinds of Stressors Does A Cancer Patient Face and How Can A Social Worker Help To Ease The Burden?

An interview with Leah Hellerstein, licensed clinical social worker, Part One

Leah Hellerstein, LCSW has worked at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center for about three years as an outpatient oncology social worker. She can work with any cancer patient that comes through the hospital’s doors. She will soon … Continue reading

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One in Four Cancer Deaths Are Linked to Smoking

American Cancer Society links smoking to over 165,000 deaths in 2014

A new study from the American Cancer Society has confirmed what public health officials have known for a long time — smoking kills. Published in the Oct. 23, 2016 issue of JAMA, the study found that 29 percent of U.S. … Continue reading

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Immunotherapy drug Keytruda Tops Chemo in Lung Cancer Study

FDA may offer the drug to more patients based on promising results

Researches have stopped a study of Keytruda (pembrolizumab) the immunotherapy drug that former president Jimmy Carter says helped stop the progression of his advanced melanoma, because the medication is so effective that they want to offer it to all the patients in … Continue reading

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Could This “Death Gene” Take Four Years Off Your Lifespan?

Scientists have discovered a series of genetic mutations that could cause early death

Researchers at Edinburgh University have found two genetic mutations that could take as much as four years off the estimated lifespan of those who have them. After studying the genes of 150,000 people, the researchers found that those who had mutations on … Continue reading

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Is Chemotherapy Worth It for Late-Stage Cancer Patients?

A recent study shows that it can do more harm than good

Less than 10 years ago, my grandmother was on her death bed as late-stage lung cancer slowly consumed her. She had gone through months of painful chemotherapy, but the treatment only extended her life for a short time. In those … Continue reading

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Darth Vader Leads a Grandmother’s Funeral

A woman in Luton took her love for Halloween to the grave

Lorna Johnson’s funeral was a scene straight out of a movie. Literally. The 56-year-old’s memorial was attended by witches, Beetlejuice, the Tasmanian Devil and Darth Vader. The latter Star Wars character even led the funeral procession, which included an extravagant … Continue reading

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