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Is It Love or Is it Not? “You Must Love Me”

The story of Eva Peron

“You Must Love Me” is a song written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber for the film adaptation of “Evita.” “Evita” tells the story of Eva Peron, wife of Argentine President Juan Peron. Eva grew up in a poor family, … Continue reading

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The Madonna as a Symbol of Life

Images of the Virgin Mary have been the greatest representation of life and purity in art and culture throughout Western history

This Tuesday, many people around the world will celebrate Christmas. For many in Western culture, the holiday has come to simply represent things like family, giving, and togetherness. But for Christians, it is still the celebration of the birth of … Continue reading

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Mothers of Invention

Reinventing funeral services

Mother’s Day arrives this week, and so I start it off with a post dedicated to our lovely mothers of invention. I will look at three different experiences involving mothers that signify why our national relationship to traditional funeral practices … Continue reading

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