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Conscience and Religious Freedom Division Threatens Patient Autonomy

A new Trump agency protects healthcare providers who opt out of medical aid in dying

In a significant blow to Americans who wish to exercise their right to die on their own terms, the Trump administration announced in January that it has created a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division in the Department of Health … Continue reading

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Congress Attacks D.C. Death with Dignity Law

The House Appropriations Committee has approved a measure repealing the bill

After failing to block the enactment of a Washington, D.C. law that legalized medical aid in dying earlier this year, the House Appropriations Committee recently succeeded in attaching a measure to repeal the law to a 2018 spending bill. The … Continue reading

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Is Euthanasia for Mental Suffering Ethical?

In the Netherlands, the practice is stirring controversy among medical ethicists

In the United States, medical aid in dying is legal in only a handful of states (California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana). What’s more, the criteria for allowing patients to participate in aid in dying are very rigid and … Continue reading

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Doctors Debate Medical Aid in Dying — Again

Are doctor's putting their own discomfort ahead of their patients' needs?

Over the past several years, a number of states have enacted legislation legalizing medical aid in dying, or physician assisted death. The salient points in each of these laws are essentially the same. They allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Wild and Precious Life” by Deborah Ziegler

Brittany Maynard's mom shares the story of her life and death

By now, almost everyone has heard the name Brittany Maynard and knows the story of her tragic death from a brain tumor at the age of 29. Brittany, who moved from California to Oregon to take advantage of that state’s … Continue reading

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Colorado Passes Medical Aid in Dying Law

Terminally ill people in Colorado will soon be allowed to end their lives

On Nov. 8, 2016, Colorado became the sixth state in the United States to allow medical aid in dying for terminally ill patients living in the state. The ballot initiative passed by an overwhelming majority, receiving two-thirds of the popular … Continue reading

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