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Our Monthly Tip: Remember Your Loved One with A Memorial Tattoo

Tattoos have become an accepted way to express your values and beliefs

Our Tip of the Month It wasn’t long ago that tattoos were considered the purview of sailors, servicemen and motorcycle gangs. But in 21st century America, the tattoo has become a well-respected and even mainstream way to express one’s beliefs, … Continue reading

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Altars of Loneliness: The Art of Joseph Cornell

Groundbreaking American artist expresses disenfranchised grief through surrealist assemblage

Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) is widely known as an American artist whose work influenced key developments in the contemporary art world, such as the Fluxus movement and the rise of installation art. His favored techniques of collage and assemblage using common, found … Continue reading

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Ceremonial Art of the Asmat Depicts Life and Death

These beautifully intricate wood carvings are on on display at The Met

For the Asmat of southwestern New Guinea, woodcarving is a tradition that dates back to their cultural understanding of the beginning of time. According to Asmat legend, the first being to exist on earth was Fumeripits, a lone individual who … Continue reading

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Inuk Woman Wins National Award for Memorial Quilt

Memorial quilt depicts strength in times of hardship

Veronica Puskas, who grew up in Nunavut’s Kivalliq region, won Quilt Canada’s 2014 prize for Excellence in Work by a first-time exhibitor. Her award-winning artwork “Pillars of Strength” is based on a photograph that depicts two figures — her mother … Continue reading

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Memento Mori: Remembering Your Own Death

Artworks that remind us to live life to the fullest

Memento mori is a Latin phrase that literally means, “remember to die.” As an art form, it has encompassed but is not exclusive to memorial art, and serves to this day as a reminder to live life fully and mindfully. … Continue reading

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Monday Hearts for Madalene

Page Hodel creates the most beautiful hearts in an ongoing celebration of love

Love Forever From Your Swiss Miss It’s an honor for SevenPonds to share with our readers the story of the Monday Hearts for Madalene project, a true account of the power of love in the midst of death. The project’s origins take us to … Continue reading

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