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Our Monthly Tip: Bring Friends and Family to Your Loved One’s Favorite Place in Nature

Honor your loved one's memory by gathering in their favorite place outdoors

Our Tip of the Month: Many people find comfort and peace in nature. Oftentimes a specific beach, forest, National Park or hiking trail is a person’s sanctuary during stressful times. After a loved one dies, bringing a group of family … Continue reading

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Our Monthly Tip: Give Away Small Memorial Gifts

Keep your loved one alive in the hearts of friends and family

Our Tip of the Month Choose small memorial gifts to bring memories and comfort to family, friends and loved ones. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but it’s a nice gesture to give mementos to those who … Continue reading

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What Is a Life-Cycle Celebrant? An Interview With Holly Pruett: Part One

Holly Pruett helps clients tell their stories through ceremony and ritual

Today SevenPonds chats with Holly Pruett, a life-cycle celebrant based out of Portland, Oregon. Holly is a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant through the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. She helps her clients find a way of telling their stories at pivotal times in their … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Remember Your Loved One with a Celebration of Life

Use balloons and photographs to honor and remember the person who died

Our Tip of the Week: If you’ve lost someone you admired or cared about, chances are that person had similar feelings towards you. While their death may signify a disheartening time for you, it’s likely that they would still want … Continue reading

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Altars of Loneliness: The Art of Joseph Cornell

Groundbreaking American artist expresses disenfranchised grief through surrealist assemblage

Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) is widely known as an American artist whose work influenced key developments in the contemporary art world, such as the Fluxus movement and the rise of installation art. His favored techniques of collage and assemblage using common, found … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Use Chinese Sky Lanterns to Memorialize a Loved One

Release miniature hot air balloons to symbolize the release of your loved one's spirit

Our Tip of the Week: The concept of a person’s spirit ascending towards the heavens at the time of death is a common theme in many cultures and religions. It is also a comforting thought for those left behind — … Continue reading

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