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What Does Cryonics Cost?

An interview with Andy Zawacki, Cryonics Chief Operations Officer, Part Two

Today SevenPonds speaks with Andy Zawacki, Chief Operations Officer for the Cyronics Institute (CI) in Clinton Township, Michigan. The Cyronics Institute is the only non-profit organization in the United States. Andy has been involved with the facility since 1985 and … Continue reading

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On the Subject of Funeral Homes and the Funeral Trade

Read Funeral Director Thomas Lynch's book "The Undertaking, Life Studies from the Dismal Trade" for a real view inside funeral homes

I’m long overdue to review the unquestionably seminal The Undertaking, Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, a book with an inside view of funeral homes. The work is written from the perspective of no less than a funeral director, Thomas … Continue reading

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Robin Williams Committed Suicide: In the Past, Would He Have Died In An Insane Asylum?

Perhaps we need to reconsider our approach to depression

It’s hard for me to not write about suicide today. Robin Williams just committed suicide, grabbing our national attention, but for me it hits closer to home. You see my whole life, I’ve happily surrounded myself with creative types and … Continue reading

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Robin Williams: A Sad Death by Suicide

His publicist reports he had been suffering from depression

Being that SevenPonds is located in San Francisco, the home of Robin Williams, we are incredibly saddened to hear the news of his suicide at the age of 63. We were aware he’d been suffering from depression for some time … Continue reading

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I Share a Small Mid-century Modern Book By Gwen Frostic, My Most Treasured Book Ever

Inspiring poetry about nature for those exiting the grieving process or seeking a bereavement gift

I ask myself why have I not shared this small poetry book “To Those Who See” by Gwen Frostic with you, my readers? Simply put, it’s my most treasured book. And treasures are to be hidden, aren’t they? the winds blow … Continue reading

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