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Good News About the Placebo Effect

Placebos work even when patients know the treatment isn't "real"

For decades, scientists have been aware of a phenomenon known as the “placebo effect.” Simply put, the placebo effect occurs when a treatment produces a positive result even when it isn’t “real treatment” at all. For example, researchers routinely test … Continue reading

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Can Ayahuasca Heal Grief? An Interview with Dercas Nidra, Part One

Dercas Nidra's groups lead the way in tea-based healing

In the first part of this two-part interview, we spoke with Dercas Nidra (his name has been changed to protect his identity). He is a licensed social worker and yoga instructor from San Francisco who leads monthly ayahuasca sessions to … Continue reading

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What is mind-body Medicine? Interview with Lora Matz, MS., LICSW

Talking About Integrative Medicine and the Importance of Understanding Your Own End-of-Life Journey

Lora Matz has been a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine for many years. She is a psychotherapist, lecturer, and writer who works extensively throughout the country in the area of Mind-Body Medicine and Transpersonal Development. She works in … Continue reading

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