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The Revitalization of Tear Bottles

Ancient mourning ritual of capturing tears garners modern interest

The tradition of collecting one’s own tears in a lacrimatory, or tear bottle, dates back to ancient times.  Tear bottles are made of terracotta or glass, and can measure up to four inches in height. In ancient Rome and Greece, … Continue reading

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Sobonfu Somé Shares Dagara Grief Wisdom with a Smile

African elder and spiritual teacher creates community through grief

Sobonfu Somé, born in the West African nation of Burkina Faso, says she spoke to the elders in her village before she was born, and her name “Sobonfu” reflects her prenatal intent to be “keeper of the rituals.” When she … Continue reading

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Artist Wears Her Dead Mother’s Clothes in Self Portrait Series

Artist Karolina Jonderko processes her mother's death in touching self-portaits

What does one do with the abundant daily materials that a loved one leaves after they pass — the clothes, kitchenware, trinkets, and the like? Artist Karolina Jonderko found herself in such a situation after the death of her mother in … Continue reading

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Cuddle Cots Give Parents of Stillborn Children More Time to Say Goodbye

New bedding technology keeps stillborn infants cool so parents can spend more time with them

Cuddle Cots are helping parents of stillborn babies say goodbye to their children in an unhurried, intimate and intentional way. Cuddle Cots are moses-style baskets with a built-in cooling system that allows parents to keep the body of their child … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Funerary Traditions Reflect Pre-Christian Perspectives

Ukrainians preserve elements of proto-pagan traditions, despite colonial history and Christian influence

The landmass known today as the Ukraine has a long history of colonization dating back to the Roman Empire, when early Christianity was introduced to the area. Despite this, Ukrainians have retained many of their traditions and ancestral beliefs, which … Continue reading

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