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Book Review: “From Here To Eternity: Traveling The World In Search Of The Good Death,” by Caitlin Doughty

Author Caitlin Doughty traveled the world to see how other cultures care for their loved ones who have died

“From Here To Eternity” by Caitlin Doughty is a fascinating look at funerary practices from around the world. Doughty, herself a funeral home owner, was inspired to witness how death is dealt with in other cultures. She wanted to show … Continue reading

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The Chinchorro Created Mummies Thousands of Years Before the Egyptians

The ancient Chinchorro people from South America may have been the first to explore mummification

When most people hear the word mummification, they probably think of Ancient Egypt. They probably recall the Egyptian kings, their pyramids and their golden sarcophagi. But few people consider—or even know about—the Chinchorro people and their mummification practices. And why … Continue reading

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Bizarre Death Ritual: 19th Century Buddhist Self-Mummification

This short-lived death ritual was believed to be a road to enlightenment.

In late 1800s Japan, several Buddhist monks called Sokushinbutsu attempted the rare ritual of self-mummification. Driven by the Buddhist quest for enlightenment and the belief that this requires non-attachment from the physical body, these monks prepared to take their own lives … Continue reading

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