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The Chinchorro Created Mummies Thousands of Years Before the Egyptians

The ancient Chinchorro people from South America may have been the first to explore mummification

When most people hear the word mummification, they probably think of Ancient Egypt. They probably recall the Egyptian kings, their pyramids and their golden sarcophagi. But few people consider—or even know about—the Chinchorro people and their mummification practices. And why … Continue reading

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A Love That Transcends Death : The Letters of Eung-tae

Archeologists discover ancient love letters in a tomb in South Korea

We cherish the death-fated love stories of Romeo & Juliet and Tristan and Isolde — but what about the story of Eung-tae and his beloved, to this day nameless wife? About a decade ago, a 16th century mummy was uncovered in … Continue reading

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Ancient Egyptian Burial Customs: Tombs and Mummification

The burial of Egyptian kings and commoners

Many of us are vaguely aware of the elaborate funeral customs of the ancient Egyptians. We’ve seen enthralling images of massive pyramids, ancient tombs, exotic mummies, and shining shrines to former lives. These elaborate customs were born of the ancient … Continue reading

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