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Brian Eno’s “The Quiet Room” Meshes Art with Wellness

Eno uses visual art and music to make hospital stays more relaxing for patients

The sterile setting of a hospital might be the last place you’d imagine seeing an immersive, experimental work of art by Brian Eno. But this is exactly where he wanted his music and visual art to reside. Brian Eno’s “The Quiet … Continue reading

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New Report Shows Benefits of Integrative Therapies For Breast Cancer Patients

Meditation and yoga received the highest grades for improving wellness

The Society for Integrative Oncology has released new guidelines regarding effective and safe integrative treatments for people with breast cancer. The new review adds to the growing body of evidence that supports the use of integrative therapies for breast cancer … Continue reading

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Threshold Choir Offers Comfort in Final Days

An international organization of bedside singers brings solace to the dying and their families

The Threshold Choir (now an international organization spanning the United States, Canada and parts of Europe and Southeast Asia), began with Kate Munger, who found herself in 1990 singing at the bedside of a dear friend as he lay in … Continue reading

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What Is Mantram Singing? An Interview with Jan Stoneman

Musician and mantram singer Jan Stoneman explains what mantram singing is and how it applies to aging, dying and death

Today SevenPonds speaks with Jan Stoneman, a musician and mantram singer who volunteers on a weekly basis at AgeSong—an innovative assisted living facility in San Francisco. He leads groups singing mantrams to AgeSong’s residents, including at bedsides for those unable … Continue reading

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Film Review: Alive Inside by Michael Rossato-Bennett

Rossato-Bennett follows social worker Dan Cohen as he embarks on a three-year journey to introduce music therapy to nursing homes throughout the U.S.

Rossato-Bennett’s Alive Inside (2014) is a must-see documentary for anyone who is familiar with the struggles of dementia. At the start of the film, we are introduced to Dan Cohen, who is both a social worker in nursing homes and … Continue reading

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What is Music Thanatology? An Interview with Sharilyn Cohn

Sharilyn Cohn of SacredFlight explains the nature of music thanatology, a form of palliative care that uses harp and voice to aid the terminally ill or dying

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Music Thanatologist Sharilyn Cohn from SacredFlight, a nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. She graduated with degrees in Music Performance and Music Education from from the University of Memphis and performed as a professional cellist in Memphis … Continue reading

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