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Our Weekly Tip: Planning a Green Funeral When a Loved One Dies Suddenly

Funeral options for young environmentalists

Our Tip of the Week: Most green burials are planned ahead of time. There are times, however, when a death occurs suddenly and the family wants a green burial, often to honor what they believe their loved one would have … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View” by Doron Kornbluth

A case advocating burial over the increasingly popular practice of cremation

Modern society tends to prefer cremation: it is perceived as cheaper than a burial, more environmentally sound, and, well, just more hip. To the contemporary person, “the idea of scattering ashes seems a eco-friendly alternative” to burial. The idea of … Continue reading

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What American Indian Burial Rituals Can Teach Us

Green burial is all the rage today, but many Native American tribes continue to practice it as they have for thousands of years

In these days of increasing eco-conscious, less-is-more aestheticism, many of those preparing for an end-of-life are beginning to question the need for elaborate caskets, garish flower displays and environmentally unsound cemeteries. Home funerals too, that is, the family keeping, cleaning … Continue reading

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The Woodland Cemetery & Crematorium

How Swedish architect John Celsing contributed to the design of one of the most influential cemeteries in the world

Creating a crematorium for a landmark Unesco World Heritage Site cemetery is no small task, but Swedish architect Johan Celsing went above and beyond expectations. Indeed, his 2013 addition of a new crematorium to Stockholm’s architecturally famous Woodland Cemetery has … Continue reading

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Into the Woods

Natural German burials rooted in traditional places

Were you to walk into one of FriedWald’s EcoEternity forests in Germany, you may not necessarily know that you had entered a green burial site. No headstones to be seen, no large tombs proclaiming the importance of the interred. You … Continue reading

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What is Natural Burial? An Interview with Ed Bixby, Part Two

In the second part of his two-part interview, Ed Bixby of Steelmantown Cemetery talks about cost differences between natural and traditional burials, natural burial laws and where to find natural burial resources

Today SevenPonds continues our two-part interview (read part one here) with Ed Bixby, owner and operator since 2007 of Steelmantown Cemetery Green Burial Preserve in New Jersey. He is also the Vice-President of Green Burial Council International. Steelmantown Cemetery Green … Continue reading

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