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How Can Palliative Care Improve Quality of Life?

An interview with palliative care physician Dr. Steven Pantilat, Part Two

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Dr. Steven Pantilat, a San Francisco-based healthcare professional with an expertise in palliative care. Dr. Pantilat teaches at UCSF, and consults with hospitals and other healthcare facilities on the best methods for improving communication about palliative … Continue reading

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How Do You Create An Alternative To Conventional Palliative Care?

An interview with Dr. Michael Fratkin, founder of palliative care telemedicine service ResolutionCare

Today SevenPonds concludes our two-part interview with Dr. Michael Fratkin, palliative medicine specialist and president and founder of ResolutionCare.  (Read Part One here.) Birthed by Dr. Fratkin’s desire to expand palliative care beyond the limitations of our country’s broken healthcare system, ResolutionCare … Continue reading

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What is a Doctor’s Role in Advance Care Planning? An Interview with Dr. Karl Steinberg, MD: Part One

A medical doctor discusses his passion for palliative and hospice care

Today SevenPonds chats with Dr. Karl Steinberg, MD. about his two-decade medical practice focusing on palliative and hospice care. Dr. Steinberg is the medical director of three nursing homes and Hospice by the Sea (since 1995). He currently sits on the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson

Unflinching look at dying in North America offers something more powerful than comfort

You and I will die. This is a given, entirely proper…. But the manner of our dying is not a given. That, with deep labour, is up to us. This is one of the life gifts entrusted to us at … Continue reading

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What Are Collaborative Doctor-Patient Relationships? An Interview with Dr. M. Grace Laurencin, Part Two

A primary care physician discusses the details of patient-centered care

Today, in the second part of a two-part interview (read part one here), SevenPonds spoke with Mercedes Grace Laurencin, M.D. M.P.H. about the interpersonal, social and psychological aspects of providing primary care as a physician. Her retainer medical practice, based in … Continue reading

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