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How Can Palliative Care Improve Quality of Life?

An interview with palliative care physician Dr. Steven Pantilat, Part Two

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Dr. Steven Pantilat, a San Francisco-based healthcare professional with an expertise in palliative care. Dr. Pantilat teaches at UCSF, and consults with hospitals and other healthcare facilities on the best methods for improving communication about palliative … Continue reading

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How Do You Create An Alternative To Conventional Palliative Care?

An interview with Dr. Michael Fratkin, founder of palliative care telemedicine service ResolutionCare

Today SevenPonds concludes our two-part interview with Dr. Michael Fratkin, palliative medicine specialist and president and founder of ResolutionCare.  (Read Part One here.) Birthed by Dr. Fratkin’s desire to expand palliative care beyond the limitations of our country’s broken healthcare system, ResolutionCare … Continue reading

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Amputee Palliative Physician Discusses What Really Matters at the End of Life

BJ Miller suggests that including life's simple pleasures alongside symptom management is urgently needed in palliative care

In his 2015 Ted Talk, palliative physician BJ Miller asserts that life’s simple pleasures are more powerfully healing on an emotional and psychological level than symptom management as people navigate their final days. He recounts an incident in his early twenties … Continue reading

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A Few More Days of Purpose

After a career in nursing, Martha Keochareon spent her last days teaching nursing students how to care for cancer patients in palliative treatment

Sometimes people donate their bodies to science after death, but Martha Keochareon had offered herself as an instructional tool during her last two months of life. In November of 2013, Ms. Keochareon called Kelly Keane, a counselor at Holyoke Community College … Continue reading

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