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How Do We Improve Communication About Palliative Care?

An interview with palliative care physician Dr. Steven Pantilat, Part One

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Dr. Steven Pantilat, a San Francisco-based healthcare professional with an expertise in palliative care. Dr. Pantilat teaches at UCSF, and consults with hospitals and other healthcare facilities on the best methods for improving communication about palliative … Continue reading

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Book Review: God’s Hotel by Victoria Sweet

Dr. Victoria Sweet shares how medieval medicine and slow medicine can be used in modern hospitals to create life-changing experiences from which both doctors and patients can learn to grow

What is the most efficient strategy of providing health care? Should quality food and one-on-on doctor-patient care be replaced with high tech machines and fast-paced diagnostics? What does it truly take to turn a hospital into a community? God’s Hotel … Continue reading

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Bringing Palliative Care into the Conversation

CSU Institute for Palliative Care addresses the growing need for education and public awareness in the field

California State University is tackling a shortage in palliative care workers by launching the first statewide educational and workforce development initiative dedicated specifically to palliative care. With an aging population and an increase in the number of people living with … Continue reading

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Is There a Disparity at the End of Life?

The Ongoing Controversy Facing Hospice Care: For Profit vs. Non-Profit

In the midst of our nation’s perpetual health care debate, one small corner of the industry should not be overlooked, and in its way, exemplifies many of the same arguments: the balance between a person’s basic human rights and costly … Continue reading

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