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Do You Want to Live Forever?

Aubrey de Grey is out to prove we can

I was recently introduced to Aubrey de Grey, who’s on a mission to show us how we can live forever and raise the funding needed to start the research process to do so. Sound crazy? Well, if given the chance … Continue reading

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At SevenPonds, White is the New Black

Iphones, the “black screen of death,” and the future

One morning last week, as I was getting out of bed and the day’s agenda began whirling through my mind — I managed to drop my iPhone into a tumbler of water. I immediately dried it off and saw with … Continue reading

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Book Review: Physics of the Future, by Michio Kaku

Renowned Physicist Predicts, By the Year 2100, Human Beings May Live Forever

I don’t think the time is quite right, but it’s close. I’m afraid, unfortunately, that I’m in the last generation to die. — Gerald Sussman Predicting the future has always been tricky. Yet everyone, from a working family, to the … Continue reading

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