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A Chance to Make Memories

After the roller coaster of emotions slows down, there is time to decide how you want to be remembered

It could be argued that there is no upside to learning that you have a terminal illness. Coming face to face with your own mortality is terrifying and disorienting. And while it’s an experience that each one of us will … Continue reading

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How Can We Open Conversations about Aging with our Elderly Parents? An Interview with Katharina Dress

Katharina Dress from Aging in Harmony talks about faciliating discussions between the elderly and their families

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Katharina Dress from Aging in Harmony, an organization that provides communication support for elders and their families and caretakers. Katharina has a masters degree in communications from San Francisco State University and has completed extensive training … Continue reading

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How Can Your Family Resell a Cemetery Plot? An Interview with Allan Hutty

Cemetery property broker Allan Hutty tells us about the cemetery industry and how we can plan ahead

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Allan Hutty, a Broker Associate (licensed “Cemetery Salesperson”) and Regional Manager at Cemetery Property Resales, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. His cemetery experience includes serving as Family Service Manager for Skylawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park … Continue reading

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Book Review: “When Someone Dies” by Scott Taylor Smith

A practical guide to settling a person's affairs after death

“When Someone Dies” by author Scott Taylor Smith is described as a “step-by-step guide to all the practical things you must do after someone dies to settle the person’s affairs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.” As a lawyer who … Continue reading

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