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“Try to Praise the Mutilated World” by Adam Zagajewski

Funeral poem finds something to celebrate in the hardest of times

“Try to Praise the Mutilated World” (2002) by Polish poet Adam Zagajewski resonates with his characteristic themes of night; dreams; history and time; infinity and eternity; silence and death. By facing the world’s sorrow with clear eyes, yet turning again … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The Faith Link” by Max Fleury, MD

A doctor explores the influence of spirituality on one’s health -- and even one's lifespan

“The Faith Link: Scientific Proof That Your Belief Determines Your Health” (Charisma House, 2016) offers insights into the fascinating effects that one’s religious beliefs and spirituality can have on one’s health. The book’s author, the French Dr. Max Fleury, offers a valuable … Continue reading

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Last Rites: A Catholic Send-Off

A look at the religion's final prayer procession for the dying

Catholicism has never been number-shy in its teachings. Confess a sin? Ten Hail Marys. Looking to convert? Get ready for a slew of Sunday or Bible school classes, then 1. Baptism, 2. Confirmation, and 3. First Communion. If your list … Continue reading

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