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Is Anything Scarier than Dying?

Preempt the haunting of the ‘should’ve, could’ve’ regrets

A roller coaster ride suddenly drops 500 feet. A frantic car horn helps you steer your bike out of the way of an erratic driver. Your tumor biopsy comes back negative. All of these scenarios can precipitate a fear of … Continue reading

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“I Hope You Dance” Encourages Leading Life to the Fullest

LeeAnn Womack's song provides inspiration for a funeral or memorial service

“I Hope You Dance,” written by Mark Sanders and Tia Sillers and performed by LeeAnn Womack, is a song about following the road less traveled and making active, positive choices. So many people approach the end of life with regrets: … Continue reading

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What is a Soul Midwife? An Interview with Felicity Warner: Part Two

In a two-part interview, Felicity Warner of Soul Midwives explains what it means to help someone explore and experience — even enjoy — their dying process

This is the second half of SevenPonds’ interview with Felicity Warner (read part one here). Felicity is the mind behind Soul Midwives, a service that has helped pioneer the movement towards holistic and spiritual palliative care. As the founder of … Continue reading

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Before It’s “Too Late”: Seniors Share Fears Before Death

The fears and regrets of the dying expressed through an honest photo series by Steve Rosenfield

Steve Rosenfield is the brains behind the “What I Be” project, which is known for highlighting teens as an exploration of human identity and expression. “It’s a way to tell your story the way you want it to be told,” … Continue reading

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A Complicated Grief: Moby Opens up About Parents’ Deaths

The American artist tells The Guardian how the regrets of the dying influenced his upbringing, family values and views on death

The Guardian recently spoke with American musician Moby, who revealed what it was like to grow up poor with a single, absent mother in an otherwise ritzy Connecticut town. The artist elaborates on the effects of his parents’ death on … Continue reading

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A No-Fear Approach to Death

Terminally ill doctor Stephen Wealthall explains why he has no fear of death, or any of the usual regrets of the dying

Death — and the sadness it invokes — lurk in the back of our minds as the inevitable, fearsome couplet of our life’s story. We have a concept of the trajectory of our days: they begin at birth and coast … Continue reading

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