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Film Review: “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” Directed by Julian Schnabel

Schnabel's award winning film show us we can endure and overcome

 How expansive is the human mind? How resilient is the human spirit? These are questions few of us ask ourselves as we go about our daily lives. Yet when tragedy strikes, the answers may be crucial to our ability to … Continue reading

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“Remnant” by Jean L. Kreiling

Allowing the storm to transform understandings of self and world

“Remnant” by Jean L. Kreiling challenges our desire to go back to the way things were. We all wish for that at some point or another, being tugged out of our comfort zone by life’s insistent and dynamic flux. And … Continue reading

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Kifudu Funeral Dance of the Giriama People

This African dance brings communities together to send spirits of loved ones to ancestral realms

The Giriama are an agricultural and hunter-gatherer sub-group of the larger Mijikenda ethnic group who live along the coast of Kenya. One of the distinguishing features of their cultural and spiritual life — and a main reason why they were able … Continue reading

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