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How Can Natural Rituals Ease Grief?

An Interview with Christina Zampitella, Part Two

Welcome to the second part of my interview with Christina Zampitella, Psy.D., FT. (Read part one here.) Christina is a full-time professor and also has a private practice. She is interested in the healing power of natural rituals. Debra: Christina, … Continue reading

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Performance Artist Uses Power of Ritual to Move Collective Grief

Rebecca Belmore's performance "Vigil" highlights authentic expression and the power of witnessing

We all have different ideas that spring to mind when we hear the word “ritual.” Some of us immediately see in the mind’s eye the titillating Hollywood version, with dim candle-lit rooms and voices rhythmically reciting words in a language … Continue reading

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Chanting Akal as a Soul Passage Rite

In the Sikh tradition, the mantra Akal is often chanted after death to help the soul achieve union with universal consciousness

In the Sikh tradition and in the larger global yogic community, the Gurbani mantra Akal is often chanted as someone’s body finishes the dying process, as well as for 17 days following physical death. Akal means “deathless” or “undying,” and … Continue reading

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The Turning of the Bones in Madagascar

A look at famadihana, a joyous celebration of life and death in Madagascar

In Madagascar, the Malagasy people engage in a unique and beautiful tradition called “famadihana.” This translates to “the turning of the bones,” and it is a ritual steeped in history and joy. During “famadihana,” which occurs every two to seven years, the … Continue reading

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