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Secular Funerals and Rituals Are Becoming More Common

Rituals help atheists, agnostics and the otherwise religiously unaffiliated move through grief

As global projections predict a rise in religious affiliation among people worldwide, the percentage of religiously affiliated Americans continues to drop. The Pew Research Center has found that a growing minority of Americans, particularly Millennials, are religious “nones” — atheists, agnostics and those … Continue reading

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The Turning of the Bones in Madagascar

A look at famadihana, a joyous celebration of life and death in Madagascar

In Madagascar, the Malagasy people engage in a unique and beautiful tradition called “famadihana.” This translates to “the turning of the bones,” and it is a ritual steeped in history and joy. During “famadihana,” which occurs every two to seven years, the … Continue reading

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Turn Me into Dirt and Flowers

Seattle-based architect, Katrina Spade, hopes that her Urban Death Project will provide communities with a meaningful and ecological option for their bodies after death

Growing up in a family whose idea of a vacation was constructing a chicken coop or putting shingles on a house, it’s no surprise that Katrina Spade chose architecture as a career. Her collaboration with Jamie Corn has produced playful … Continue reading

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Book Review: Death Warmed Over: Funeral Food, Rituals, and Customs from Around the World by Lisa Rogak

One woman’s idea for a cookbook is more like a glimpse into the customs that various cultures partake in surrounding food during funerals

One evening, as I was trying to research the Internet for a topic for my Cultural Perspectives article, I stumbled upon a book called Death Warmed Over: Funeral Food, Rituals, and Customs from Around the World. The concept intrigued me … Continue reading

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What is a Celebrant? An Interview with Charlotte Eulette and Dorry Bless, Part 2

The conclusion of our discussion about celebrants, end-of-life ceremonies, and personalizing ritual

Last week, we published Part 1 of our interview with Charlotte Eulette, the International Director of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, and Dorry Bless, Board Member and Funeral Committee Chair of the Institute. We continue our conversation about celebrants here … Continue reading

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Easter in the Greek Orthodox Tradition

Try Some of These Traditions This Year to Make Your Easter a True Celebration of Life and Death

Do you know what you’re doing for this weekend’s Easter celebration? In the U.S., even many families who are not religious observe the holiday. It can be a good time to bring families together and celebrate life by reflecting on … Continue reading

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