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Could This “Death Gene” Take Four Years Off Your Lifespan?

Scientists have discovered a series of genetic mutations that could cause early death

Researchers at Edinburgh University have found two genetic mutations that could take as much as four years off the estimated lifespan of those who have them. After studying the genes of 150,000 people, the researchers found that those who had mutations on … Continue reading

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Exercise and Aging – Why They Should Go Hand-in-Hand

A look at further evidence showing just how important exercise is as we age

It’s no surprise that exercise is good for you, and it’s probably something you’ve heard before. But studies are further proving how important exercise is in regard to aging and brain health in middle and old age. With age often comes … Continue reading

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Compassionate Companions: Understanding the Final Moments of Life

Honolulu hospice Kokua Mau offers holistic care tips for those accompanying loved ones in their final moments

Kokua Mau means “continuous care,” a fitting name for the non-profit hospice in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Beyond offering palliative services, this organization provides information on their website that empowers regular people to understand what happens psychologically and physiologically at the end … Continue reading

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What is the Worst Kind of Cancer? The Surgeon General Talks Terminal Illness

In an interview with Time, the Surgeon General Dr. Boris D. Lushniak illuminates why skin cancer is the worst kind

Acting Surgeon General Dr. Boris D. Lushniak says that despite the general decline of many kinds of cancers in America, that there is one citizens need to be more diligent in preventing: skin cancer. “In the last 35 years, we’ve … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Artist Captures Images of Dried Tears

Rose-Lynn Fisher saw tears of "grief, joy, laughter and irritation" in extreme detail through her photo series

Smithsonian photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher just revealed her new project, which is titled “Topography of Tears.” Celebrated for her mind-blowing, microscopic images of honeybees, this photo series is a collection of, yes, tears—tears from over 100 volunteers that were also captured … Continue reading

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Can Scientific Research Lead Us to the Spirit World?

Dr. Gary E. Schwartz studies mediums and how they channel lost loved ones

Mediums are nothing if not reflections of our own proclivities. Do we believe them, or do we scoff incredulously at their messages from the otherworld? You may have watched John Edward on TV and disregarded his work as finely crafted … Continue reading

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