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Index of Societal Aging Measures How Well Nations Are Adapting To An Aging Population

The U.S. ranks among the top five

Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Southern California have developed a new method to determine how well countries are caring for their elderly populations. The John A. Hartford Foundation’s Index of Societal Aging tool is composed of five … Continue reading

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Sexuality in an Assisted Living Facility

Do residents have enough privacy to fulfill their sexual needs?

Years ago, I worked in an adult care facility as a medical social worker. We admitted a woman in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s. She was a widow but had no memory of her husband’s death. One day, the woman … Continue reading

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What is Contemplative Care? An Interview with Jennifer Block

Jennifer Block teaches us how to cope with grief through Mindfulness Meditation and other Zen practices

Today SevenPonds speaks with Jennifer Block, an interfaith minister and Buddhist Chaplain who has dedicated her life to providing spiritual guidance for people in crisis. She is returning to teach the 2014 Contemplative Caregiver Course at the San Francisco Zen Center, which … Continue reading

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Aging in Place

Senior Citizens Can Stay at Home with the Aid of “Villages”

With the aid of non-profit groups known as “villages,” senior citizens around the country are enjoying the perks of assisted living communities at a fraction of the cost – and without ever leaving their homes. Capitol Hill Village in Washington, … Continue reading

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