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Which Jewish Funeral Traditions Help People Overcome a Fear of Death?

An interview with Rabbi Me'irah, Part Two

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Rabbi Me’irah, a San Francisco-based rabbi and visual artist. After earning a master’s degree in social work from Portland State University, Rabbi Me’irah spent 15 years in the field. Along the way, she reconnected with her spirituality and … Continue reading

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Death at a Funeral: The Now-Extinct Indian Custom of Sati

Indian widows threw themselves into their husband's pyres during this outlawed tradition

It’s not uncommon to find strict cultural rules that tell women exactly how to behave after a husband’s death. In some societies, women are expected to wear all black, cover the mirrors in their homes or even stay indoors for … Continue reading

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The Jewish Mourning Tradition of Shiva

An exploration into the meaning and rituals of Shiva

When a practicing member of Judaism dies, the first stage of the mourning traditions is Shiva. The word “Shiva” means seven and originates from the beginning of the Torah, when Joseph mourned the loss of his father Jacob for seven … Continue reading

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How Can We Plan A Memorial Service? An Interview with Rabbi Sara Shendelman

Rabbi Sara Shendelman discusses the services she offers for people planning a memorial service for a loved one

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Rabbi Sara Shendelman, a rabbi and cantor as well as a former ordained minister. Currently based in Berkeley, California, she officiates all types of weddings and conducts memorial services, both interfaith and Jewish, for individual families. … Continue reading

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