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Performance Artist Uses Power of Ritual to Move Collective Grief

Rebecca Belmore's performance "Vigil" highlights authentic expression and the power of witnessing

We all have different ideas that spring to mind when we hear the word “ritual.” Some of us immediately see in the mind’s eye the titillating Hollywood version, with dim candle-lit rooms and voices rhythmically reciting words in a language … Continue reading

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Can Ayahuasca Heal Grief? An Interview with Dercas Nidra, Part One

Dercas Nidra's groups lead the way in tea-based healing

In the first part of this two-part interview, we spoke with Dercas Nidra (his name has been changed to protect his identity). He is a licensed social worker and yoga instructor from San Francisco who leads monthly ayahuasca sessions to … Continue reading

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How Do Care Plans Factor into End-Of-Life Services? An Interview with Janet Brush, Part Two

Janet Brush talks about how care plans are used to take away some of the confusion at the end-of-life, and how you can reach out to refer someone in need to a care manager

Today SevenPonds speaks with Janet Brush, who is the founder and managing director of Senior Alternatives ā€” a company that is focused on providing comprehensive senior care to residents in the Bay Area (read part one here). Janet has extensive … Continue reading

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How to deal with loss of a loved one? Interview with Pediatric Oncology Social Workers

Helping Children and Families Cope with Serious Illness, Loss, and End-of-Life

When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, a myriad of medical, physical, financial, psychological, and social issues are suddenly thrust on a family. While doctors and nurses are busy at work with medical treatments, these medical social workers stand by to field the psycho-social concerns of patients and their families. Continue reading

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