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What is Anticipatory Grief?

People living with terminal illness face grief and loss long before death occurs

When Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross released her seminal book, “On Death and Dying” in 1969, she based her writings on the experiences of people who were facing certain death. Through a series of interviews and conversations with terminally ill children … Continue reading

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Our Monthly Tip: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Grief

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can provide relief for complicated grief and bereavement

Our Tip of the Month Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for complicated grief uses cognitive (thinking) and behavioral techniques (doing) to help clients cope more effectively with grief. It can be a powerful tool in the healing process, helping the client come … Continue reading

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Grief is Different for Each of Us

We all must travel our own nonlinear path, however crazy it seems


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Our Weekly Tip: A Craft for a Grieving Child or Teen

Talking to a child about coping with death can be tough; here's a craft to make it easier

Our Tip of the Week:  Remember making “Chinese fortune tellers” as a kid? Those little origami squares that, once unfolded, were supposed to reveal everything from your innermost thoughts to your unfathomable “grown up job”? We used to call them … Continue reading

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Grief as a Gateway to the Divine

James Merrill explores the divine that is imminent in the stages of grief

James Merrill’s elegiac poem, “A Dedication” observes grief in its most intimate setting: the mind. Addressed to his friend, the Dutch poet Hans Lodeizen (who died while still a young man in 1950), the poem suggests its close relation to the poet’s … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Turn Your Grief to the Sun

Release your grief when a loved one dies with a simple group gesture

Our Tip of the Week: The stages of grief vary in their nature for everyone, but at some point, the need for expression of that grief becomes vital, whether those surviving the loved one are aware of it or not. … Continue reading

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