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New Algorithm May Help To Provide Better Palliative Care

The algorithm predicts when patients may die, which can help palliative care teams to know when to intervene

The ways in which technological advancements can help to improve end-of-life care are numerous. One such breakthrough comes from Stanford University, where researchers recently developed a deep neural network algorithm to help doctors decide when to implement palliative care. The algorithm uses … Continue reading

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Opt-out Organ Donation Saves Lives

Studies show that changing consent to an opt-out policy increases organ supply

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Put that adage in the context of organ donation, and the saying suddenly takes on new, life-saving meaning. Statistics show one donor can save up to eight lives with precious organs … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Make a Last Letter to Your Loved Ones

Write your letter as you plan the rest of your will

Our Tip of the Week: Writing a will can feel impersonal and even mechanical. After you’ve assigned beneficiaries to your estate and given your doctor end-of-life instructions, you can still feel as though you have more to say. The loose ends of … Continue reading

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Son’s Memory Lives on through Art and Education

The idea for the esteemed Stanford University started as a memorial built by the bereaved Jane and Leland Stanford to honor their dead son

Stanford University, one of the world’s prestigious research and teaching institutions in the world, may not have existed if it wasn’t for a tragic loss suffered by one of the nation’s most powerful and ambitious 19th century families. Stanford Historical … Continue reading

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