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New Algorithm May Help To Provide Better Palliative Care

The algorithm predicts when patients may die, which can help palliative care teams to know when to intervene

The ways in which technological advancements can help to improve end-of-life care are numerous. One such breakthrough comes from Stanford University, where researchers recently developed a deep neural network algorithm to help doctors decide when to implement palliative care. The algorithm uses … Continue reading

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Figure 1 Allows Medical Professionals To Share Photos of Undiagnosed Cases

The app is a social media community of medical students and professionals

Figure 1 is a social media platform that caters to the medical community. Healthcare professionals can upload photos and information about their patients’ conditions to a large social network for educational purposes. The app is especially useful for doctors who … Continue reading

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Technology Transforms The Aging Process for the Elderly Thanks to Baby Boomer Innovations

Thanks to clever inventions from the Baby Boomer generation, aging no longer has to hinder the elderly from living their lives to the fullest

Most people fear aging because of the increased likelihood of mental and physical deterioration in longer the lifespans. Technology, as a whole, is constantly evolving. Therefore, it makes sense that as the baby boomer generation approaches the age of retirement … Continue reading

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Gerontechnology Solve the Problems of Aging in the 21st Century?

A new field of study looks at how technology can improve the lives of our elderly family and friends

Aging in the 21st century is a challenge that has never before been experienced by our elderly population due to the rapidly accelerating and unprecedented technological changes of modern generations. With difficulties such as decreased mobility, moving into an assisted … Continue reading

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Wireless Enabled Granite Solves Problem of No Headstone for Green Burial

New product provides the geographic location of the burial site by one touch of a compatible cell phone.

Phoenix, Arizona – Objecs, the owner of the RosettaStone brand of memorial products, has introduced a one pound granite obelisk for use in green burial memorials where traditionally no headstone is present. The stone obelisk is made from a solid block … Continue reading

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“If I Die” Facebook App

Facebook App Allows Users to Leave a Message for Loved Ones After Their Death

The “farewell message” has made its way to social networking. A new Facebook app allows users to schedule a message or messages to post to their wall after they have died. After installing the app, a person chooses three Facebook friends … Continue reading

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