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What is Suicide Prevention? An Interview with Jennifer Lockman

How Centerstone Research Institute uses data to provide better behavioral health disorder care to prevent suicide

Today SevenPonds speaks with Jennifer D. Lockman, M.S., of the non-profit organization Centerstone Research Institute. Based in Tennessee and Indiana, CRI aims to improve the quality of care for behavioral health disorders, including those that often result in suicide. Together … Continue reading

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The Paper Clip Project: A Holocaust Memorial

What 30 million paper clips mean in memorializing the Jews in WWII

In 1998, a group of students at Tennessee’s Whitwell Middle School began a unit of study on World War II and the Holocaust. The enormity of the Holocaust resonated with the students, who came to understand the frightening potential of … Continue reading

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Memorial Music: “Will You Miss Me when I’m Gone?” by The Carter Family

A country music memorial song about missing a loved one who has passed

1927 was the year country music first reared its honest, whisky-worn head from the mountains of Appalachia. Radio was already in the process of transforming the way Americans connected to the rest of their country; suddenly lyrical, empathetic voices that … Continue reading

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