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Film Review: Tig by Directors Ashley York and Kristina Goolsby

A documentary about comedian Tig Notaro's humor through tragedy

First, Tig Notaro went to the hospital for a rare gastrointestinal illness. Then her mother died. Then she got breast cancer. Then she went through a breakup. Just one of these events is enough to make anyone question their existence … Continue reading

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On Serial and Society’s Fascination with True Crime Stories

What this podcast reveals about our obsession with murder mysteries

Before television screens were a staple in every home, people huddled next to the radio to hear the latest entertainment. These old time radio shows thrived on our curiosity about mysteries, especially if they were of the murderous variety. Serial … Continue reading

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This American Life on School Violence and Student Deaths

The Harper High School story reminds us that death and violence still happen every day.

In the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut, the storytellers at This American Life brought us a show recently to remind us that student death and gun violence aren’t all that unfamiliar in many of America’s schools. The … Continue reading

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