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Hermes the Death Doula

Greek god of transitioning and boundaries

Many of us today are thrust into the role of lay death midwife unwittingly. There are altruistic hospice volunteers and angelic professional death doulas and hospice chaplains and hospice nurses who feel called to work with the dying. They choose … Continue reading

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What is the Threshold Choir? An Interview with Kate Munger

We discuss the Threshold Choir's mission to provide lovely, comforting songs to the ill and dying

Today SevenPonds speaks with Kate Munger who founded the Threshold Choir in 2000 with the idea of creating a chorus of women’s voices that could provide soothing song at people’s bedsides. She now administers a large network of of choirs … Continue reading

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What is PsychoTherapy? Interview with Suzie Sherman

Learn how addressing grief, loss, and death through psychotherapy can help us live richer, more authentic lives

Dana Sitar: Is psychotherapy a common approach for dealing with grief and loss? Suzie Sherman: Yes, absolutely. If we’re talking about straight on grief and loss issues, this is a very common way to address them. Deep-seated feelings come up … Continue reading

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