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A Funeral Poem for an Infant

"A Baby's Death" by Algernon Charles Swinburne

A few years ago, friends of mine were thrilled by the arrival of their first son. Their joy quickly turned to horror and grief a few hours later when doctors informed them that the baby had a fatal heart defect. … Continue reading

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The Revitalization of Tear Bottles

Ancient mourning ritual of capturing tears garners modern interest

The tradition of collecting one’s own tears in a lacrimatory, or tear bottle, dates back to ancient times.  Tear bottles are made of terracotta or glass, and can measure up to four inches in height. In ancient Rome and Greece, … Continue reading

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Memento Mori: Memorializing Loved Ones with Photographs

Pictures help people cope with bereavement

“Memento Mori,” which translates to “remember that you must die,” was a Victorian tradition of photographing loved ones who had died. The custom was practiced more in England than in the United States. In England, however, it was more common to … Continue reading

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Our Weekly Tip: Carry Your Loved One With You As Memorial Jewelry

Custom jewelry featuring remains of loved ones keeps the memories close

Our Tip of the Week: One of the great benefits of cremation is that you can carry the memory of your loved one — a person or pet — with you in a very tangible way. Memorial jewelry, popular in the Victorian … Continue reading

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Love in the Language of Flowers

A look at how floriography conveys different messages of love through the gift of flowers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for every box of chocolate or card exchanged, there will be an insurmountable number of roses and other floral bouquets gifted to loved ones in celebration of this day of love. It … Continue reading

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