Spreading Sympathy

Gwen Frostic's sympathy cards use nature to help connect with others

Gwen Frostic (Photo Courtesy of Western Michigan University)

Gwen Frostic may have passed away in 2001, but her legacy lives on. She’s known for her nature-inspired greeting cards, each “an original hand-cut block print on fine paper,” according to her official website. Her sympathy cards, which feature not only heartwarming messages but also lovely images of animals and plants, are perfect for expressing your condolences. The late artist’s original shop even sells a “Remembrance Book,” which you can fill with your own words and would probably make a great outlet for grief.

Gwen Frostic cards, Gwen Frostic sympathy cards, Gwen Frostic shop and home

Sympathy Cards by Gwen Frostic (Photo Courtesy of Suzette Sherman)

Gwen Frostic cards, Gwen Frostic sympathy cards, Gwen Frostic shop and home

Sympathy Card Interior (Photo Courtesy of Suzette Sherman)

Catherine Royer, professor of Fine Arts at Adrian College, had this to say about Frostic in her work, “Discussion of Gwendolyn Frostic’s Book Art and Prints” (as quoted here):

“As evident in both her writings and her print images, Frostic is attracted to the quiet, delicate moments in nature.  Her mediums—poetry, print-making, and book art—are processes which require time, patience, and a sensitive approach.  The poetry of the books seeks to recognize the spirituality of nature, looking at it from a state of wonderment.  Frostic looks specifically to the seemingly insignificant creatures and moments, showing how they are beautiful and available for the human mind—as a source of creativity, inspiration, or spiritual consideration.”

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