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Is Euthanasia for Mental Suffering Ethical?

In the Netherlands, the practice is stirring controversy among medical ethicists

In the United States, medical aid in dying is legal in only a handful of states (California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana). What’s more, the criteria for allowing patients to participate in aid in dying are very rigid and … Continue reading

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A Big Week for California Assembly Bills Addressing End-of-Life Issues

California tackles both the aid-in-dying as well as the first digital assets bill

It’s been a big week for end-of-life legislative action in the state of California. Given the state’s size, hence importance, many eyes watch as two assembly bills currently work their way through the process. The first is the aid-in-dying bill. This past … Continue reading

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Death With Dignity Law: One 29-Year-Old’s Decision To End Her Life

Brittany Maynard's illness is terminal, but she wants to die on her own terms

When 29-year-old Brittany Maynard chooses to end her life next month, she won’t be filed under suicide statistics. That’s because she isn’t committing suicide. Maynard is one of many who have elected to end their lives to avoid the excruciating pain … Continue reading

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Should We Have the Right to Choose Our Deaths?

Assisted dying opens a difficult question on whether we should choose our own deaths or facilitate others'

Should someone with terminal illness, chronic pain or an otherwise severely compromised quality of life have the right to choose the time of his or her own death? How should they decide? Who should help them? How should they do … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying.” by Derek Humphry

A useful guide for terminally ill and dying patients, their loved ones and the physicians willing to risk their careers to help them die with dignity

As a guide, Final Exit by Derek Humphry blends many styles of writing to advise terminally ill people who want to die with dignity and those who support and take care of them. Final Exit is part instruction manual, part memoir. … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Aid-in-Dying Debate

A Panel of Experts In Hawaii Have Concluded that Physician-Assisted Dying is Legal

Hawaii may be on its way to becoming the fourth state that legalizes physician-assisted dying. A ten-person panel of experts on Hawaii law, medicine, elder care, legislation, and end-of-life issues convened in Honolulu, in a conference aptly titled, Is Physician-Assisted … Continue reading

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