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Book Review: “The Purple Balloon” by Chris Raschka

How to talk to children about death

Talking about dying is hard. Dying is harder. But there are many people who can help. –from “The Purple Balloon”   Created in conjunction with Children’s Hospice International, “The Purple Balloon” by Chris Raschka offers a way for parents, families, … Continue reading

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Re-thinking the Funeral Home Design

Architects and Designers Looking to Transform the Way We Process Death

Spaces that process death — funeral homes, family tombs, crematoria — are traditionally housed within structures that either perpetuate their morbid reputation or attempt to mask their purpose altogether. They are low-lying, dark, heavy buildings with outdated design and architecture. … Continue reading

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Art on Death by Edvard Munch

The famous painter pondered life's end through his signature evocative paintings

In addition to his most well-known image, The Scream, the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch created a great deal of art pondering life and death. Through the paintings below, he expressed his own grief and experiences with death and the end-of-life, … Continue reading

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Creating New Life from Death

The Ashwinlkumar Crematorium of Surat, India

We are wrapping up our focus on India today, in honor of Gandhi’s birthday and the International Day of Nonviolence, with a look at the beautiful Ashwinlkumar Crematorium in Surat, India. The architecture of this structure pays respect to its … Continue reading

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Irish Hunger Memorial

A piece of Ireland in Manhattan helps visitors contemplate world hunger

The Irish Hunger Memorial, located in the midst of Manhattan’s financial district, commemorates the Great Irish Famine that took the lives of up to a million people in Ireland — and drove so many to New York City. The Memorial … Continue reading

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Funeral Potatoes: Origins and Recipe

My mom's family recipe for the savory side dish

With Mother’s Day around the corner, naturally I’m thinking a lot about my mom and her great Midwestern cooking. It makes me miss being home! Hardy potato dishes are very Midwestern and my mom served our Wisconsin family one we called “hash brown casserole.” … Continue reading

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