Our Monthly Tip: Make a Memory Pillow from Your Loved One’s Clothes

Preserve your loved one's personality in a special memorial gift
Pillow made of my dead mothers wedding dress

Pillow made of a mother’s wedding dress.
Credit: memoryquiltsbymolly.com

Our Tip of the Month

As a teen, I spent one summer at my grandmother’s house helping her make a bird-themed pillow cover from scratch. I still have this homemade pillow, and whenever I look at it, I’m reminded of her.

pillow made of the ties of a son who died

Pillow made of a son’s ties.
Credit: pinterest

A memory pillow is a simple yet personal way to think of your loved one. It’s also a great way to re-purpose your loved one’s old clothing or favorite blanket. These are the items that are hardest to give away after a loved one dies, so why not make one of them into a pillow that you can keep forever.

How-to Suggestion 

Identify the clothing that your loved one cared about. Did she or he have a favorite jacket? A beloved blanket? A pile of unused fabric that could be made into a quilt? Or is there a piece that has special meaning or memories for you? Ties or scarves sewn together can also make for a beautiful pattern filled with memories. Once you have your fabric, cut it into strips or other patterns that best represent your loved one’s personality. Try the “log cabin” pattern for a layered look, or you can research any other quilt patterns that appeal to you. Once you follow the instructions on the quilting pattern, sew the pattern together, then stuff the pillow. IKEA and craft stores carry plain pillow inserts of down or synthetic. You can even create dozens of small throw pillows that you can give to your family and friends as memorial gifts at the end of the memorial service.

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