Our Monthly Tip: Seven Holiday Gifts for Someone Who Is Grieving

These gifts may help a loved one who has suffered a loss

The holiday season is often especially difficult for people coping with loss. Celebrating traditional holidays without a loved one can bring up intense feelings of grief. That’s why we are offering you these seven holiday gift ideas for someone who is grieving. Each of them can bring comfort to someone who needs it, and make the holidays more relaxing too.

Here are our top choices of gifts for someone who is experiencing grief.

1. “The Book of Self-Care” by Mary Beth Janssen.

The cover of "The Book of Self Care," one of the essential gifts for people who are grieving

This beautiful book offers suggestions on how to heal after a loss, including activities and exercises to try.

2. A Relaxing Stash Tea and Mug Set.

a mug for someone grieving

Taking the time to relax can be difficult for those who are grieving. Offer your friend or loved one a new set of non-caffeinated teas designed to help the mind relax.

3. A Star in Their Loved One’s Name.

Name a start for someone grieving

Credit: ounews.com

Some companies offer special kits that allow customers to name their own star. These star naming kits let the recipient carry the memory of their loved one wherever they go.

4. Give a Vertical Chalkboard Wall Planter of herbs to grow.


vertical herbs garden for someone grieving

A living garden can take a person’s mind off of their daily to-do list, allowing them to take a moment to pause and care for the plants. These vertical herbs are perfect to toil, nurture, smell and cook with.

5. Send speciality Comforting Tasty Snacks.

tasking mail order snacks travel for someone grieving

Remembering to eat can be difficult for someone who is coping with loss. Curated snack baskets allow a person to enjoy the fun foods inside and may also bring back comforting memories as well.

6. A Cozy Chunky Wool Blanket.

chunky blanket for someone grieving

Anxiety can run high when someone is grieving. A large, soft, weighted blanket may help ease their minds and allow them to get some much-needed rest.

7. A Memorable Travel Jar Candle.

travel jar candle for someone grieving

Scent is one of the senses that we remember most vividly. Travel with your unique scented candle that smells just like the recipient’s favorite things, like walking through a coconut grove or sitting on teakwood & [with] tobacco in the air.

Each of these holiday gifts may help your friend or loved one relax during times of stress, and ease the pain of grief.

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