San Francisco Celebrates Dia de los Muertos

The city shares in the celebration of life and death

dia de los muertos, day of the dead. what is the day of the dead?, Day of the daed in the usToday marks the second day of the celebration of Dia de los Muertos. With one of the richest Latino populations in the country, our community is lucky to be able to share in this celebration of life and memorial to those we’ve lost. This traditional Mexican holiday is enthusiastically celebrated all throughout the Bay Area, probably most notably in San Francisco’s Mission District.

A tradition dating back to the early 1970s, the Mission celebrates annually with a ritual procession along 24th Street to 22nd Street, ending with the Festival of Altars in Garfield Park. Throughout the fall preceding and following the event, the Mission is full of an exciting range of exhibits celebrating the cycle of life and the seasons. During this week, Day of the Dead breads are available at bread bakeries throughout the Mission.

The procession begins at 7pm at 24th and Bryant streets.

The Festival of Altars runs from 6-11pm at Garfield Park, 26th and Harrison Streets.

More Day of the Dead events:

November 2

The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts presents “Death in Parallel/Muerte Paralela”, with a Dia de los Muertos Gala Reception, 6:30pm. [Event details]

SOMArts presents Illuminations, this year’s Day of the Dead exhibit. The exhibit is dedicated to community business owner and artist Marta Sanchez and renowned artist Pablo Picasso. There will also be a closing reception on November 5. [Event details]

November 4

San Francisco Recreation and Parks presents a Dia de los Muertos celebration, which features a tribute to the late Pico Sanchez, and an open house to introduce the newly established Mission Arts Center.

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