Beyond Goodbye – Coping After the Loss of a Loved One

A filmmaker and photographer offers a space for others to grieve and heal after his son's death.

In January 2011, Joshua Amos Harris Edmonds was killed in a road traffic accident in Vietnam. He was 22 and on the trip of a lifetime traveling across South East Asia.

His parents created Beyond Goodbye — a book, website, and film — as a place for family and friends to remember Josh, as well as a resource for others who are grieving a loss. Learn more about Beyond Goodbye here, and click the image below to watch the video.

Beyond Goodbye, Grief, Art, Video, Death, Loss of a loved oneFrom the filmmaker and father, Jimmy Edmonds:

”Part of our way of coming to terms with the death of our son, has been to talk and to share and to create a collective space in which Josh and his memory continue to resound – we, his family and his many friends all carry a little bit of him as we continue through life (see the viral candle lighting ritual at the end of the film), and I have learnt some BIG things from this.”

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2 Responses to Beyond Goodbye – Coping After the Loss of a Loved One

  1. avatar Tilly says:

    THis film is a creative inspiration to any artist mending wounds through art. The spaces and casket are exquisite. Josh had lovely parents to have created such a film as his tribute.

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  2. avatar Suzette Sherman says:

    Do watch this it’s an amazingly beautiful film.

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