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A New Odor Test Could Detect the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s

Researchers are using a sniff test to identify the disease

What if you could detect the early stages of Alzheimer’s using only your nose? A group of researchers is developing a new odor test that they think could help doctors identify patients who have the disease. In two recent studies, researchers discovered … Continue reading

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Promising Alzheimer’s Prevention Study Is Underway

Researchers at the Banner Alzheimer's Institute hope two investigational drugs may reduce or eliminate the protein linked to Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a debilitating and incurable condition that affects as many as 5 million Americans age 65 and older, according to estimates by the CDC, and more than 46 million people worldwide.  Now, researchers from the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute … Continue reading

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The Link Between Grey Matter and Blood Type in One’s Risk for Alzheimer’s

Researchers in the U.K. discover which blood type has the lowest risk for Alzheimer’s disease

The longer we live, the greater the likelihood we will develop some type of cognitive decline. The brain, like our other body parts, isn’t immune to the eventual decline on the road to death. While it is virtually inescapable the … Continue reading

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How Do You Stay Active with Alzheimer’s? An Interview with Patricia Ris, Part One

Patricia Ris of Memory Care Cafe talks about how to stay healthy while you are in the early stages of this disease

Today SevenPonds speaks with Patricia Ris, the program director and founder of Memory Care Cafe. Her San Francisco-based program teaches people with Alzheimer’s how to stay involved in their communities and maintain an active lifestyle. The group focuses on people … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Potential Key to the Fountain of Youth with the Power of Young Blood

Cutting-edge stem cell research study at Harvard reveals the discovery of a protein from the blood of those younger that can completely reverse body and mind changes that occur during aging

If we are lucky enough to live a long life, aging — and the standard decline in physical activity combined with an increase in chronic and ultimately deadly illnesses — guarantees an appearance in our lives at some point. While … Continue reading

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