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Performance Artist Uses Power of Ritual to Move Collective Grief

Rebecca Belmore's performance "Vigil" highlights authentic expression and the power of witnessing

We all have different ideas that spring to mind when we hear the word “ritual.” Some of us immediately see in the mind’s eye the titillating Hollywood version, with dim candle-lit rooms and voices rhythmically reciting words in a language … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Southern and Central Mexicans honor their ancestors

The Mexican Day of the Dead is actually celebrated over two days, Nov.1 and Nov. 2, in Central and Southern Mexico. Legend holds that at midnight on Oct. 31, the gates of heaven fly open and release the souls of those … Continue reading

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Corpse Meditation: A Buddhist Practice

A cultural practice of looking at death in order to be reminded of life.

It may sound macabre or unusual, but corpse mediation is real — and, in many parts of Thailand and some other parts of Southeast Asia, a fairly normal occurrence, specifically among Buddhist monks. It’s typical for monks to meditate while … Continue reading

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Death Rituals in Somalia

Precise steps to ensure deceased loved ones pass from this life and on to the next

In Somalia, a small country on the eastern coast of Africa, the people follow specific protocol after a loved one has died to ensure they pass on to the afterlife. The first step is to bury the loved one’s body … Continue reading

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