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Visions as Messages at the End of Life

Opening to the mystery

By the time my mother-in- law was dying, I had been a student of those facing the end of life for many years. They taught me to expand my awareness and be open to the mystery of visions and the … Continue reading

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Clothes As Bodies: The Art of Christian Boltanski

"No Man's Land" highlights death and the human condition

When Christian Boltanski proposed his idea for an art installation at the Park Avenue Armory in 2010, no one expected him to use so many clothes. Sitting at the center of the expansive installation was a 40-foot-tall mound of clothing, flanked … Continue reading

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The Teaching of The Ancient Yew Tree

How this tree has come to symbolize death in pagan cultures

The Yew tree is a species of evergreen conifer native to western, central, and southern Europe, northern Iran, southwest Asia and northwest Africa. Because of their toxic leaves and berries, yews were a symbol of death and rebirth in pre-Christian pagan … Continue reading

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Death Symbolism In Common Easter Traditions

Find out which Easter traditions originated from death symbolism

For many who celebrate the holidays, Easter is already over. But for the Orthodox community, Easter observance doesn’t end until April 12. In fact, Easter is part of a nearly month-long celebration across dozens of cultures around the world. When … Continue reading

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