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When the Curtain Falls: The Tragic Reality of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease presents unique challenges to patients and their families

Each month Kathleen Clohessy, R.N., offers a new perspective on living with a terminal illness. Kathleen comes to SevenPonds with 25 years of experience as a registered nurse caring for families and children facing life-threatening illness. She began her career in … Continue reading

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Is Alzheimer’s Disease Type 3 Diabetes?

Scientists have found a strong connection between insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists have long known that there is a strong correlation between diabetes and dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. People living with diabetes have an incidence of Alzheimer’s that is roughly twice that of the general population, and they tend to show … Continue reading

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The Incidence of Dementia in Various Racial and Ethnic Groups

A new study looks at dementia incidence between six racial and ethnic groups over a period of 14 years

The National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA), signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2011, is a multi-pronged effort to address the many challenges facing people with Alzheimer’s disease. The goals of NAPA are: to improve early diagnosis and the coordination … Continue reading

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New Eye Test May Allow Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Retinal scans showing preliminary promising results in the areas of early detection and treatment

An eye test is under development that may soon allow doctors to detect Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. The test, which is painless, noninvasive and inexpensive, detects the presence of beta amyloid — the substance believed to be responsible … Continue reading

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How Should Caregivers Cope with Dementia? An Interview with Linda Clark

A hospice volunteer talks about what she has learned through her work

Today, SevenPonds speaks with Linda Clark, a hospice volunteer at Journey Care in Illinois. As a volunteer, she assists patients with daily tasks and comforts family members who are coping with a relative’s terminal illness. Clark also contributes stories to the … Continue reading

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Exercise and Aging – Why They Should Go Hand-in-Hand

A look at further evidence showing just how important exercise is as we age

It’s no surprise that exercise is good for you, and it’s probably something you’ve heard before. But studies are further proving how important exercise is in regard to aging and brain health in middle and old age. With age often comes … Continue reading

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